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Aircraft noise complaints

Mountainflyers endeavors to keep the noise pollution caused by helicopter flights as low as possible.

However, as with any other operation where engine power is used, noise emissions cannot be completely avoided during flight operations. Pilot training on the helicopter largely takes place in the field. We therefore attach great importance to training as far away from residential areas as possible and to regularly changing landing sites and flight routes in order to keep the impact on individual regions as low as possible. If, despite all due care, situations arise that lead to excessive noise pollution, we will endeavor to clarify and improve the situation.

If you would like to support us in this, you can send us your concerns and comments using the contact form. Please provide us with details of the day, time and location, as well as the helicopter description. The flight operations manager will receive and check your report. You will then receive a statement from us.

Note: Complaints submitted anonymously or by telephone will neither be acknowledged nor followed up by the management.