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Survey flights

We are your partner for survey flights - with precision, efficiency and reliability throughout Switzerland.

Helicopter survey flights are typically performed when high-precision aerial photography is required for surveying purposes. These flights often take place when accurate topographic maps, terrain models or aerial photographs are required for construction, planning or land use purposes. An example of this is geospatial mapping using LiDAR technology, which requires consistent and accurate flight technology to ensure the highest quality topographic mapping of any area.

Do you need to carry out surveys in connection with disaster management, environmental monitoring or infrastructure projects? Then we are the right place for you


With our modern fleet and our expertise, we are your partner for all surveying needs.

Our experienced team will be happy to advise you and provide you with more detailed information by phone or email.


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The LiDAR technology

Using LiDAR technology, laser beams are emitted and their reflection is measured by a sensor. This makes it possible to create detailed 3D views of an area.