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Virtual reality motion simulator

Try out a flight on our simulators and benefit from the many advantages.

Innovation & sustainability are important to us.

Our core competence is pilot training - we have been training future helicopter pilots across all license levels with great pleasure for over 44 years.

With a focus on sustainability, safety, reduction of noise and CO2 emissions and state-of-the-art training, we are the first company in the world to have two virtual reality simulators from Loft Dynamics and integrate this important progress into our training at an early stage. The simulators are EASA certified and approved. They are ideal for initial training, regardless of the weather and time, and are cost-effective, environmentally friendly and risk-free.

PPL(H) start package on the simulator

We have created a training program that is unique in Switzerland for your start into PPL(H) training. During the first flying lesson in the simulator, the student pilot literally…

Commercial Pilot CPL(H) on Airbus H125 with VR simulator

Complete your professional pilot training on the Airbus H125 (AS350 B3e), the most widely used work helicopter in the world. For cost reasons, professional pilot training usually…

Type rating Airbus H125 with simulator

Obtain the type rating for the Airbus H125 with our combination package with simulator.

Together with Loft Dynamics, we have developed an innovative H125 type rating course that reduces costs and increases safety at the same time. The advantages of the virtual reality simulator…

Proficiency Check (LPC/OPC) H125

Complete a fully creditable License Proficiency Check (LPC) on the Airbus AS350B3e H125 VRM simulator.

All check flights can be carried out at any time, regardless of the weather, without much preparation time on the helicopter. This makes planning and performing easier and significantly more…

Seminar for safe autorotation by Claude Vuichard

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn the various autorotation techniques from Claude Vuichard.

During the seminar you will focus on safe autorotation and learn invaluable skills and techniques for reacting correctly in critical situations. The focus of the training is on full down autorotation…

Mountainflyers as pioneers of loft dynamics simulators

Video clips of our Loft Dynamics simulators

We make a significant contribution to effective and safe flight training with our training programs on the simulators.

On our YouTube channel, you can gain in-depth insights into virtual flying. Students and flight instructors talk about their experiences and you can be inspired by the images.

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