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Aerial work

Efficient work from the air!

Transport flights

The transport helicopter from Bern - for Bern: sustainable, fast & safe for you, our Ecureuil H125.

When conventional means of transportation are not sufficient, the helicopter is often the simplest and most effective alternative. We are the only helicopter company with a transport…

Film & photography flights

We are your partner for aerial photography and filming. Our work is precise, safe and tailored to your needs.

Whether it is for geodata after a natural disaster, aerial shots for a film project or images of a construction project - we take you with us and bring new perspectives to your project.

Survey flights

We are your partner for survey flights - with precision, efficiency and reliability throughout Switzerland.

Helicopter survey flights are typically performed when high-precision aerial photography is required for surveying purposes. These flights often take place when accurate topographic maps, terrain…