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PPL(H) starter kit on the simulator

We have created a training program that is unique in Switzerland for your start into PPL(H) training.

During the first flying lesson in the simulator, the student pilot literally has his hands and feet full. At the beginning of the training, a lot of time is spent in the real helicopter practicing the demanding hand-foot coordination. We are convinced that this can be done more effectively and cost-effectively! With the help of our top modern simulators and our experienced flight instructors, you can acquire the basic skills to control the helicopter in a structured and relaxed manner. Our simulators are certified by the aviation authorities, i.e. the five flight hours in the simulator can be fully credited towards a your PPL(H) training.

Contents of the package

The training includes five flight hours on the virtual reality simulator including flight instructor. In particular, the following processes are trained and practiced

  • Switching the helicopter on and off with a checklist
  • Horizontal, turn, climb and descent flight
  • Various hovering exercises
  • Take-off and landing of the helicopter
  • Operating and interpreting the avionics and instruments
  • Arrivals and departures from Belp Airport on the official flight routes

The start package on our simulator primarily serves to determine your flying talent so that you are then well prepared to switch to the helicopter. The flight hours on the simulator can be fully credited towards a training course.

Your advantages at a glance

Training quality

Ideally structured and highly effective training with low risk


Environmentally friendly flying hours with minimal emissions

Cost effective

Unbeatable price in relation to the right helicopter

Seven days a week & possible in any weather

Flight experience

5 fully creditable flight hours

Adaptation to a real helicopter

Easy transfer of what you have learned to the helicopter


on the Robinson R22 CHF 2'040.00
on the Airbus H125 CHF 3'240.00

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