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Complete a fully creditable License Proficiency Check (LPC) on the Airbus AS350B3e H125 VRM simulator.

All check flights can be carried out at any time, regardless of the weather, without much preparation time on the helicopter. This makes planning and performing easier and significantly more time-efficient. Added to this are the comparatively lower operating costs of the simulator compared to the helicopter.

Your advantages at a glance



Environmentally friendly flight hours with minimal emissions


Unbeatable price thanks to lower operating Prices


Simulator flights are possible seven days a week & in any weather


FOCA-recognized check with a qualified examiner

Safety & quality

Risk-free execution of complete emergency procedures:

  • Full down autorotations
  • Unintentional entry into a cloud (IIMC)
  • Breakage of the tail rotor shaft / tail rotor failure
  • Turbine failure within the "Height and Velocity" diagram
  • Hydraulic Failure
  • Servo Transparency
  • Vortex recovery close to ground



Simulator use (dry lease)

CHF 870.00 per hour
Simulator training incl. operator from Mountainflyers (wet lease)

CHF 1'020.00 per hour

OPC / LPC incl. exam fee & examiner

CHF 1'245.00 per check

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