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Flight instructor FI(H) MOU up to 2000m

The first stage of the complete flight instructor mountain training entitles you to teach mountain landings up to 2,000 m.a.s.l. and is a great preparation for the mountain instructor license FI(H) MOU "unrestricted".

The course is offered individually and can be completed intensively or in blocks. During this training, the future MOU flight instructor can benefit from the instructor's experience and apply this as an "instructor" later on in the course. The instructor simulates the student during the course.



PPL(H) with CPL(H) theory or CPL(H)-EASA license
with FI(H) and MOU entry

Medical Class 1 / Aeromedical examination by a medical examiner of the FOCA
Flight experience

At least 1,000 hours of helicopter pilot experience
at least 500 landings > 1,100 m.a.s.l.
at least 200 h as FI

Theoretical training

The theoretical part of the course (approx. 5 hours) mainly deals with the special features of flying at high altitude and covers the following topics:


  • Meteorology
  • Performance & Flight Planning
  • Standard Procedures
  • Human Performance
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Legal Aspects

Flight training

During the practical part of the training, the instructor simulates the student and the FI knowledge is consolidated. The flights include at least 50 landings in the mountains (<2,000 m above sea level), specific mountain flight procedures and extensive briefings.


As a mountain flight instructor FI(H) MOU up to 2,000 m, mountain landings up to max. 2,000 m above sea level can be instructed.


You can find an overview of the costs for the entire training course in our training brochure.

Depending on the intensity, previous experience and the type of helicopter selected, prices are calculated individually. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding consultation and prepare a customized offer for you.

Download our training brochure here