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Unique CPL(H) training concept

Unique helicopter professional pilot training concept thanks to the VR simulators from Loft Dynamics.

We are known for innovation. We recently introduced a new type of program for professional helicopter pilot training in which part of the flight time consists of realistic simulator training. This is made possible thanks to the modern VR simulators from Loft Dynamics. Our first student of this course has now passed the CPL(H) exam and is now employed by us as a freelance pilot.

Good preparation for professional life

It is important for talented future professional helicopter pilots to receive solid training in order to be best prepared with the necessary skills to work as a helicopter pilot. To this end, we have developed a training course in which students can obtain their professional pilot's license in a cost-effective manner. After flying for 10 hours on the low-cost Robinson R22, students spend a further 10 hours in the realistic Airbus H125 virtual reality simulator from Loft Dynamics. Finally, the training is completed with 10 hours of training on the most widely used H125 work helicopter. What is unique about this training is the cost-efficient and, thanks to the VR simulator, well-founded training. This combination with the simulator means that the professional pilot license and AS350 type rating can be obtained cost-effectively and efficiently. "With this training, we prepare student pilots specifically for their future work as helicopter pilots. Training in the simulator is much more efficient than in a real helicopter. This increases the quality of training and reduces training costs," explains Christoph Graf, CEO and owner of Mountainflyers.

"Training in the simulator is much more efficient than in a real helicopter. This increases the quality of training and reduces training costs"

Christoph Graf, CEO & Owner Mountainflyers

First student has successfully completed the course

anuel Meyerhans is the first student to complete this very attractively priced CPL training course with the Mountainflyers. This means that he not only has a professional helicopter pilot's license, but also an AS350 type rating. Manuel works as a computer scientist and has realized his dream of flying in Eastern Switzerland on the Robinson R22 by obtaining his private pilot's license. He also completed his mountain training (MOU) on the Robinson R44. "I opted for this attractive CPL training concept because I can practice maneuvers in the simulator that can't be practiced on a real helicopter," says Manuel after successfully passing his CPL exam. "Because the cockpit and procedures of the simulator are exactly the same as the helicopter, the changeover is very easy. Thanks to the simulator's ability to learn procedures cost-effectively and repeat maneuvers quickly, the training is very efficient, safe and fun," he enthuses about the training. Manuel can now carry out commercial flights. His next goal is to obtain his flight instructor license.

"You can practice maneuvers in the simulator that cannot be practiced on a real helicopter"

Manuel Meyerhans, professional helicopter pilot

With strategy into the helicopter cockpit

Mountainflyers paves the way into the cockpit for future professional helicopter pilots. Christoph Graf emphasizes that early planning of training is essential: "Good career planning is very important in helicopter flying, because the basic investment up to the completion of professional pilot training is very high. For this reason, we recommend that all young ambitious flight students also gain Robinson helicopter experience during their training to become professional pilots. Robinson helicopters are the most widely used helicopters in the world for training and sightseeing flights. Furthermore, insurance companies, especially in Switzerland, often require 50 hours of turbine experience to fly turbine helicopters independently. We therefore recommend flying 30 hours on a Bell505 during the mountain training (MOU). Together with our CPL program on the H125 simulator and real helicopter, future pilots meet this requirement. Together with the basic training on the Robinson helicopters, in my experience this results in the best, most solid and most affordable CPL training currently available on the market. Mountainflyers is one of the few companies that employs its trained professional pilots, if suitable, as freelance sightseeing pilots. This allows them to build up 40-60 hours of flying experience in one season. Manuel is now undergoing crew training conversion in order to integrate him into our commercial operation (AOC). This will give him the chance to join our freelance team as a sightseeing pilot in the near future."

"With this training, we prepare pilots specifically for their future work as professional helicopter pilots"

Christoph Graf, CEO & Owner Mountainflyers

Never finished learning

After obtaining the commercial pilot's license, a basic flight instructor training is often tackled. This requires at least 250 hours of total flight experience. In addition, further type ratings can be completed on other helicopter types. Christoph Graf adds: "We also offer underload training (HESLO 1 & 2) with the R44 or the H125. The H125 is now also available in combination with the Loft Dynamics simulator. Thanks to a very realistic simulation of reality, this offers safe and cost-effective underload flying using mirror and vertical reference techniques. It has been shown that what is learned in the simulator can then be implemented in the helicopter with the same quality. This has never been done before." A little later and with considerably more flying experience, the mountain flight instructor course can be completed up to 2000m and then the "MOU FI unrestricted" can also be obtained. These are the best prerequisites for working as a full-time helicopter pilot.