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Helicopter flights

Helicopter flight - the fascination of flying in a very special way.

Only the helicopter enables sightseeing flights with an unrestricted all-round view, whereby you can also hover on the spot. Anyone who would like to take the controls in the cockpit can try it out on a trial flight. Helicopters can also be used for taxi flights without having to rely on an airport, as well as for photo and film flights and transport flights. Mountainflyers is your partner in helicopter flying. We operate one of the leading helicopter flying schools in Europe and are passionate about training you to become a pilot.

Helicopter sightseeing flights in Switzerland

Treat yourself to some time out, follow your dreams and leave your everyday life below.

Helicopter sightseeing flights - enjoy the view over the most beautiful regions of Switzerland. Experience breathtaking moments and feel the freedom at aerial heights. Give your loved…

Fly a helicopter yourself

Make your dream come true and experience the unique feeling of flying a helicopter yourself! During a trial flight, you take the controls as pilot - accompanied and supervised by…
Welcome on boardWelcome on board

Welcome on board

VIP taxi flights

Maximum flexibility - minimum travel time

Our taxi flights offer you unparalleled independence from public transportation, networks and airports. You have the freedom to determine the departure and arrival point of your flight according…

Event flights

Discover your home from above!
Whether as a surprise for a birthday or a wedding, a helicopter flight puts a smile on everyone's face and creates unforgettable memories.