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Helicopter transport flights

The transport helicopter from Bern - for Bern: sustainable, fast & safe for you, our Ecureuil H125.

When conventional means of transportation are not sufficient, the helicopter is often the simplest and most effective alternative.

We are the only helicopter company with a transport helicopter stationed in the Bern area and can therefore offer sustainable, fast and safe transport flights at an unbeatable price. Thanks to our ideal location at Belp Airport, we are ready for the operation around Bern in just a few minutes and can therefore plan and carry out flights efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably. Thanks to a well-coordinated crew of experienced pilots and flight assistants, we guarantee the highest level of professionalism and safety.


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Material transportation

The helicopter is a fast and inexpensive means of transportation for all kinds of materials weighing up to approx. 1,200 kg - even to remote and hard-to-reach places.

We fly bulky construction materials, supply packages, pet food and much more to places that can only be reached by air or on foot with our sling load helicopter. In this way, we make your everyday life easier and the transported goods reach their destination quickly and efficiently.


Instead of a complex and cost-intensive crane, the helicopter can be at your construction site in the shortest possible time and can place the assembly elements precisely within minutes. Good interaction between the pilot and ground crew is a prerequisite for this. Effective and safe working methods are a top priority for our crew.

Helicopters are often used for the installation of air conditioning units, ski lifts, antennas, masts or cable cars. Helicopters are also an ideal means of transportation for construction elements.

Fire extinguishing

With so-called Bambi Buckets (external load tank), up to 1,000 liters of extinguishing water can be collected and emptied over the site of the fire.

In this way, fires can be controlled even in terrain that is difficult to access. In operations involving natural disasters, efficient and safe working methods are paramount. Accordingly, maximum concentration is required.

Concrete & gravel

The helicopter is the ideal and fastest means of transportation for pouring foundations on slopes or for repair work on concrete structures in difficult terrain. In this way, work can be carried out with maximum precision and flexibility in the shortest possible time.

Logging and special forestry services

The helicopter is often the simplest and quickest means of transporting for logging and special forestry flights, especially in terrain that is difficult to access, such as in the mountains. Particularly in the case of infested or diseased timber, no time must be lost in order to protect the surrounding forests. Our crew is fully focused and passionate both in the preparation and execution of the operations to ensure that everything runs smoothly, taking all safety precautions into account.

In this way, we can guarantee the speedy and professional transportation of beetle, snow pressure, storm and damaged trees. Helicopter operations in the forest protect the environment - the rapid handling means that operations can be carried out sustainably and cost-effectively.


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