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Milestones in the history of the Mountainflyers.

1980 Foundation of Mountainflyers by Ueli Soltermann
1981 Commissioning of the first turbine helicopter
1981 Authorization to operate a flight school - training of private, commercial helicopter pilots and authorization to carry out commercial flights
1990 Takeover and restructuring of Mountainflyers by a new organization
1094 Installation of office wing & workshop in Hangar 7
2006 Christoph Graf takes over the management
2007 Certification as one of the first FCL JAR flight schools in Switzerland
2009 Sales office set up outside the airport perimeter and in operation 7 / 365 days a year
2010 Commissioning of the Lodrino TI base
2012 Christoph Graf acquires 100% of the company shares
2017 Commissioning of the first twin-engine AW109SP GrandNew helicopter including IFR operation
2018 Takeover of the company Heli-West AG based at Grenchen Airport


First flight school in the world to commission two EASA-certified Robinson R22 and Airbus AS350B3e virtual reality motion simulators

40 years of Mountainflyers | Introduction of three Bell 505 helicopters and thus now Europe's largest Bell 505 operator

2021 1st EASA-certified VR motion simulator in the world | Renovation/new construction of hangar, workshop, office space at Bern base
2023 Procurement of a Robinson R44 Raven II with autopilot at the Grenchen base