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Mountain flight training MOU(H)

With the challenging mountain rating MOU(H), pilots and passengers can experience the impressive world of the alps and mountains.

The mountain rating is the most challenging and, for many, the most enjoyable training in helicopter flying. Mountain flying poses particular challenges for pilots: Flight tactics, changeable meteorological conditions, early recognition of the helicopter's performance limits, effects of altitude on the pilot and on procedures, and much more. All these points are taught to future MOU(H) pilots by our experienced and competent flight instructors. This demanding training is unique in the world and is only offered in such a comprehensive way in Switzerland.


Flight experience

100 h helicopter pilot experience during the practical examination

Theoretical training

The mountain flight training consists of a theoretical part comprising 10 hours of classroom instruction based on the Swiss Helicopter Association's mountain manual.


  • National legislation
  • Flight performance and flight planning
  • Human performance
  • Meteorology / aerology
  • Normal, special and emergency procedures

Flight training

The training begins with mountain landings in pre-alpine regions up to 2000 m. Approach tactics and landings in difficult terrain are practiced in preparation for the higher landing sites. This is followed by official mountain landing sites in the high mountains (up to 4100 m). The focus here is on the reduced engine power due to the lower air density and the often challenging meteorological conditions.

The time required for mountain flight training is approx. 25 to 30 flying hours and includes

  • at least 50 landings < 2,000 m.a.s.l.
  • at least 150 landings at 20 different official mountain landing sites
    of which at least 50 landings at 10 different sites > 2,700 m.a.s.l.

Privileges & validity

Authorizations after completion of the MOU(H)

After passing the FOCA examination, the candidate receives an MOU entry in a national license. This entry is unique worldwide and testifies to the in-depth training of each pilot. This training is essential for a CPL(H) pilot in Switzerland. After completing this training, the pilot is authorized to perform landings at any altitude for work flights and to fly to all mountain landing sites in Switzerland for tourist flights such as heli-skiing.


The MOU rating entry never expires. In order for the authorization for passenger flights with landings in the mountains to remain valid, the pilot must provide proof of 50 mountain landings within the last 12 months or complete an annual MOR (Mountain Recurrency Check) with an MOU flight instructor.


You can find an overview of the costs for the entire training course in our training brochure.

Depending on the intensity, previous experience and the type of helicopter selected, prices are calculated individually. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding consultation and prepare a customized offer for you.

Download our training brochure here