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Commercial pilot CPL(H)

Take off as a professional pilot and turn your passion into your career.

A commercial pilot's license is a dream off many. Obtaining the commercial pilot license opens doors to various areas of helicopter flying.

Depending on your needs, Mountainflyers offers you different options to reach your goal of becoming a helicopter pilot. With the integrated version, you start without any prior flying training with the best supervision from our flight instructors. The modular training, with the same level of support, builds on your existing PPL(H) licence.

Commercial Pilot CPL(H) modular

The CPL(H) license serves as a stepping stone to a flying career.

CPL(H) package H125 combined with simulator

We are the first flight school in the world to offer a combined package for CPL(H) commercial pilot training with the Robinson R22 and Airbus H125, in which a considerable proportion of the flying hours are flown on the simulator.

Discover our CPL(H) training in combination with the simulator