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Autorotation seminar Claude Vuichard

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn the various autorotation techniques from Claude Vuichard.

During the seminar you will focus on safe autorotation and learn invaluable skills and techniques for reacting correctly in critical situations. The focus of the training is on full down autorotation in the simulator - a critical skill that every pilot should master to deal with engine failures.

Vuichard autorotation technology

The seminar includes 2 hours of theory and 1.5 hours of training on the simulator (3 SIM sessions in total).

The following topics are covered:

  • Vuichard autorotation technique
  • Entry phase, glide path corrections, flare and touchdown
  • Low speed autorotation
  • Autorotations at night over unexposed areas
  • Upslope autorotation technique
  • "Engine failure" during sling load operations
  • Engine failure" in the vicinity or in the H-V diagram

Prices per person

On the Airbus H125 simulator

one person CHF 2'573.00
two persons CHF 2'048.00
three persons or more CHF 1'873.00

On the Robinson R22 simulator

one person CHF 1'733.00
two persons CHF 1'208.00
three persons or more CHF 1'033.00