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I have a PPL (A) for fixed-wing aircraft. Does this simplify my helicopter pilot training?

Yes, definitely. Only the helicopter-specific theoretical subjects have to be taken at the FOCA, the flight training is also reduced by 5 flight hours.
Although the aircraft itself is significantly different to operate, the existing skills in navigation, radio, etc. allow rapid progress.

I have glasses, can I still fly a helicopter?

To obtain a pilot's license, a medical examination by an aviation physician is mandatory. Visual acuity is also checked. However, a visual impairment in the normal range which is corrected by a well-adjusted visual aid is not normally an obstacle.

Is helicopter flying dangerous?

As with any form of transportation, there are certain risks involved in flying. However, these are minimized by a high level of safety awareness and professionalism. Mountainflyers has a comprehensive SMS (Safety Manegemant System), so that all procedures are constantly monitored and improved.

Our flight instructors are all experienced pilots with years of experience in helicopter flying. We also attach great importance to the maintenance of our helicopters.

What professional training do I need?

In principle, no specific prior knowledge is required to start private pilot training.
The necessary theoretical knowledge is acquired in the courses. The flight radio is also learned and basic technical courses provide the necessary knowledge about the helicopter used in the training. Experienced flight instructors, theory instructors and pilots are on hand to help and advise the student pilot.