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Instrument rating IR

The instrument rating IR(H) enables pilots to operate an instrument certified helicopter even in poor visibility.

A large part of this demanding training can be carried out on a simulator or a smaller helicopter. At least 10 hours must be completed on an IFR-certified helicopter. In our fleet, this would be the AW109SP


License valid EASA pilot license
Type rating valid type rating (can be purchased separately)
Flight experience at least 50 h cross-country as PIC

Theoretical training

Depending on the basic training, various IR-specific theory subjects must be completed in self-study (100-150 hours) as well as in classroom teaching (10-15 hours).


  • 010 | Air Law
  • 022 | Aircraft general knowledge - Instrumentation
  • 033 | Flight Planning and Monitoring
  • 040 | Human Performance and Limitations
  • 050 | Meteorology
  • 062 | Radio Navigation
  • 090 | Communications

Flight training

The practical training includes at least 55 hours (RTT) of instrument time, of which is approximately

  • at least 10 hours in an IFR-certified helicopter
  • max. 20 hours in an FNTP I simulator or max. 40 hours in an FTD 2/3, FNPT II/III or FFS.
Stage 1

Flight Preparation
Pre-Departure, Departure
Basics and General Handling: Basic instrument flying

10 h
Stage 2

Basics and General Handling: Advanced instrument flying
Basics and General Handling: En-route Procedures

Stage 3 Basics and General Handling: Arrival Procedures
Approaches - 2D Operations
Approaches - 3D Operations
Special IFR Procedures
20 h
Stage 4 Abnormal and Emergency
Special Equipment
10 h
Total Time   55 h

Privileges & validity

Authorizations after completion of Instrument Rating IR

With the instrument rating, the pilot is authorized to fly IFR-certified helicopters under IMC conditions.


You can find an overview of the costs for the entire training course in our training brochure.

Depending on the intensity, previous experience and the type of helicopter selected, prices are calculated individually. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding consultation and prepare a customized offer for you.

Download our training brochure here