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R44 Trial flightR44 Trial flight

R44 Trial flight

Fly a helicopter yourself!

During a trial flight, you take the controls as pilot - accompanied and supervised by an experienced flight instructor, of course. The instructor will give you more and more control over the helicopter. You can try out various flight maneuvers such as landings and hovering yourself. Coordinating all the control elements is a major challenge. Can you hold the helicopter in place while hovering? Try it out - a trial flight is an intense and unforgettable experience.

Take up the challenge!

Note: A maximum of 1 accompanying person can fly with you.

Event time120 minutes
Departure pointGrenchen, Berne-Belp



Like the smaller R22, it is powered by a Lycoming piston engine and offers comfortable seating for four people, with each of the three passengers having a window seat. For flights with just a few passengers, such as wedding flights, it is the ideal solution at an unrivaled price. At Mountainflyers, the helicopter is mainly used for sightseeing flights of all kinds and for pilot training. For many new private pilots, it is the first "big" helicopter and allows them to carry passengers on charter flights and share the fascination of flying with friends and family.

Typical area of use

  • Ideally suited for all kinds of sightseeing flights
  • Birthday and wedding flights
  • Pilot training
  • HESLO training

Technical data

Power (Max take-off) 225 HP
Power (Max continuous) 205 HP
Empty weight 663 kg
Payload 423 kg
Engine IO-540
Max. maximum speed 240 km/h
Range 550 km
Manufacturer Robinson
2x in Bern-Belp | 1x in Grenchen
1 pilot | 3 passengers
Very good all-around view


Frequently asked questions

How do I book a helicopter flight?

Website: on the respective page of our sightseeing flights you can choose whether you would like to order a voucher or book an appointment directly.
If you already have a voucher for a single seat, click on"Free seats" via the helicopter symbol at the top left. There you will find the available seats on our sightseeing flights on Saturdays (from Grenchen) and Sundays (from Belp).

Telephone: You are welcome to call us on 031 819 60 30. Our office is open seven days a week. We will be happy to advise you.

By e-mail: Please send us an e-mail with your reservation request to

What is important during the flight?

During the sightseeing flight, you can talk to the pilot via your headset. Make sure that your microphone is positioned close to your mouth. On exclusive sightseeing flights, the route can be adapted according to your wishes, provided this is within the time frame. Photos may of course be taken during the flight.

Unlike an airplane, a helicopter can land almost anywhere. Many sightseeing flights include a stopover in the mountains or at a restaurant. A stopover is always possible on exclusive sightseeing flights lasting 45 minutes or more.

Further information can be found in our passenger briefing.

How can I pay for my helicopter flight?

You can pay for our helicopter flights, vouchers & store items online on account or by card. Cash payment is also possible on site.

We accept the following means of payment:

  • Postcard
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • EC debit card
  • Twint

Please note that flights must always be paid for before departure.

Under what conditions do group flights take place?

The following conditions must be met for the group flights (from Grenchen on Saturdays and from Belp on Sundays) to take place:

  • all seats in the helicopter are occupied and paid for
  • the meteorological conditions are right

If not all helicopter seats are occupied, the flight will be postponed to a subsequent weekend (Saturday or Sunday) of your choice.

What must be observed after landing?

After landing, the pilot stops the helicopter's engine and lets the rotor spin out. Please wait strapped into the helicopter until the pilot gets out and opens the doors for you or instructs you to open the doors yourself. Your pilot will then accompany you back to our office.

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Trial flights are possible Monday - Saturday and you determine the date and departure time.

CHF  670.00
incl. tax

Payment options

Group 2 Rechnung
CHF  670.00
incl. tax

Trial flights are possible Monday - Saturday and you determine the date and departure time.

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