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R22 Trial flight R22 Trial flight

R22 Trial flight

Fly a helicopter yourself!

During a trial flight, you take the controls as pilot - accompanied and supervised by an experienced flight instructor, of course. The instructor will give you more and more control over the helicopter. You can try out various flight maneuvers such as landings and hovering yourself. Coordinating all the control elements is a major challenge. Can you hold the helicopter in place while hovering? Try it out - a trial flight is an intense and unforgettable experience.

Take up the challenge!

Note: the average maximum weight per passenger for the Robinson R22 is 95 kilograms.

Event time120 minutes
Departure pointGrenchen, Berne-Belp



The Robinson R22 is the most widely used training helicopter in the world and is the entry point to a career as a pilot for countless student pilots worldwide.

Equipped with a low-mass rotor system and extremely direct controls without hydraulics, it requires a steady hand and is therefore an ideal trainer. Pilots with experience in this type usually find it easy to switch to larger helicopters. At Mountainflyers, the R22 is used for trial flights ("fly yourself") and for pilot training .

Typical area of use

  • Pilot training
  • Trial flights
  • Private flights

Technical data

Power (Max take-off) 131 HP
Power (Max continuous) 124 HP
Empty weight 400 kg
Payload 220 kg
Engine O-360
Max. max. speed 190 km/h
Range 400 km
Manufacturer Robinson
2x in Bern-Belp | 1x in Grenchen
Training helicopter


Frequently asked questions

How long is the delivery time for vouchers?

You can print our vouchers immediately after ordering (payment by invoice or online by card). There is therefore no delivery time. You don't want to or can't print the voucher? Contact us - we will send you the voucher by A Mail so that it arrives the following day.

Is there a weight limit for helicopter flights?

Yes, there is a maximum take-off weight for each helicopter type, which must not be exceeded. Factors such as the number of passengers, fuel quantity, air temperature, performance and flight time etc. must be taken into account. The pilot is legally obliged to draw up a so-called "load manifest" before the flight. This includes the individual weights of all passengers. When making a reservation for a helicopter flight, we therefore ask for the weights of the passengers and reserve the right to refer to a correspondingly larger and more powerful helicopter if the maximum take-off weight is exceeded. For calculations of specific constellations, please contact us directly.

For the Robinson R22 (only used for trial flights and training) a limit of 95 kg per person applies.

How does a helicopter actually work?

The helicopter is a complex aircraft. The lift force that allows the helicopter to rise into the air is generated by the horizontally rotating rotor blades, which are moved by an engine. The helicopter uses the rotor to generate lift that makes it fly upwards.

What do I need to consider in terms of clothing?

In principle, the outside temperature can be used as a guide. Our helicopters are of course heated. In addition, each helicopter has enough storage space to take a jacket with you if necessary. We recommend closed shoes.

For flights with glacier landings, mountain or hiking boots and warm, windproof clothing are required.

I only want to fly in good weather - what are the weather conditions?

We make unforgettable experiences possible - good weather is an important prerequisite for this. We will call you on the day of the flight (a few hours before the flight) to inform you about the weather conditions. Together with you, we decide whether the flight will take place or not.

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Trial flights are possible Monday - Saturday and you determine the date and departure time.

CHF  475.00
incl. tax

Payment options

Group 2 Rechnung
CHF  475.00
incl. tax

Trial flights are possible Monday - Saturday and you determine the date and departure time.

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