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Passenger briefing

Your safety is our top priority!

After you have paid/handed in your voucher at our office, your pilot will meet you. He will accompany you to the helicopter. You are welcome to take photos. You may also bring accompanying persons with you to photograph or film you in front of the helicopter and during take-off. Please follow the instructions of the staff, as you will be within the airport security zone during this time. Smoking in the hangar and the outdoor area with terrace is strictly prohibited.

Your pilot will inform you about the most important rules of conduct around the helicopter and about the functions of the doors, seat belts and headsets.
You will then take your seat in the helicopter. Your pilot will help you and close the doors.

Cell phone use

Cell phones are allowed in flight mode - feel free to photograph and film your experience. Have fun on your helicopter flight!

In an emergency

Keep calm, open the doors and belts yourself and leave the helicopter. Contact the emergency services.

Seat belt

Keep your seat belt fastened during the entire flight. The doors are opened and closed by the staff.


Your baggage will be stowed in the respective baggage compartment by the flight attendant or pilot.

Helicopter Safety Zones

Approach when prompted and maintain visual contact. Approach from the front or the side, never from behind.


For mountain tours: pack hiking or trekking boots and warm clothing.


You communicate via headphones. If you have any physical complaints, inform the pilot in good time.

Keep your distance

Always keep your distance from the helicopter. The pilot and flight assistant will instruct you.

Dangerous goods

Smoking, fire and dangerous goods (flammables, explosives, fireworks, pressurized containers, etc.) are prohibited.

Pay attention

Watch out for loose items. Supervise children and animals.

Security video