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Thanks to its wide range of applications, this is one of the best-selling helicopters in the world.

2x in Bern-Belp | 1x in Grenchen
1 pilot | 3 passengers
Very good all-around view

Like the smaller R22, it is powered by a Lycoming piston engine and offers comfortable seating for four people, with each of the three passengers having a window seat. For flights with just a few passengers, such as wedding flights, it is the ideal solution at an unrivaled price. At Mountainflyers, the helicopter is mainly used for sightseeing flights of all kinds and for pilot training. For many new private pilots, it is the first "big" helicopter and allows them to carry passengers on charter flights and share the fascination of flying with friends and family.

Typical area of use

  • Ideally suited for all kinds of sightseeing flights
  • Birthday and wedding flights
  • Pilot training
  • HESLO training

Technical data

Power (Max take-off) 225 HP
Power (Max continuous) 205 HP
Empty weight 663 kg
Payload 423 kg
Engine IO-540
Max. maximum speed 240 km/h
Range 550 km
Manufacturer Robinson