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The two-seater helicopter is ideal for pilot training.

2x in Bern-Belp | 1x in Grenchen
Training helicopter

The Robinson R22 is the most widely used training helicopter in the world and is the entry point to a career as a pilot for countless student pilots worldwide.

Equipped with a low-mass rotor system and extremely direct controls without hydraulics, it requires a steady hand and is therefore an ideal trainer. Pilots with experience in this type usually find it easy to switch to larger helicopters. At Mountainflyers, the R22 is used for trial flights ("fly yourself") and for pilot training .

Typical area of use

  • Pilot training
  • Trial flights
  • Private flights

Technical data

Power (Max take-off) 131 HP
Power (Max continuous) 124 HP
Empty weight 400 kg
Payload 220 kg
Engine O-360
Max. max. speed 190 km/h
Range 400 km
Manufacturer Robinson