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Bell 407 GXi

The dynamic capabilities of the Bell 407GXi have earned it a reputation as a reliable and versatile helicopter.

2x in Grenchen
1 pilot | 6 passengers

The helicopter is particularly impressive due to its fast flight speed while remaining true to its smooth and stable flight characteristics.

The Bell 407 GXi has a total of 6 passenger seats and offers excellent all-round visibility. At Mountainflyers, the helicopter is used for sightseeing, taxi and sling load operation flights as well as for pilot training. The Bell 407 GXi has a fully autonomous digital turbine control system (FADEC), which reduces the pilot's workload and minimizes the risk of turbine damage.
Like its little sister, the Bell 505, the Bell 407 GXi is equipped with the latest Garmin 1000 avionics.

The Garmin 1000 combines navigation, engine parameters and radio communication on two large displays. This makes for a tidy cockpit and facilitates pilot's work load.


Typical area of use

  • Ideally suited for all types of sightseeing flights
  • taxi flights
  • Aerial work, such as sling load operations and flights at high altitudes
  • Heliskiing
  • Pilot training

Technical data

Power output 920 HP
Empty weight 1'224 kg
Payload 1'000 kg
Turbine Rolls-Royce 250-C47B
Max. Maximum speed 280 km/h
Maximum range 642 km
Manufacturer Bell