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Airbus H125

The "A-Star" is used for a variety of flights, making it one of the most important helicopters internationally.

1x in Bern-Belp
1 pilot | 5 passengers

The "A-Star" family was developed in the 1970s by the French manufacturer Aerospatiale (later Eurocopter, now Airbus Helicopters) and is still very popular today.

The six- to seven-seats helicopter with a Turbomeca turbine engine is the most widely used aircraft in the Swiss helicopter industry. Its range of applications covers almost all areas of helicopter flying. We use the H125  for passenger transportation as well as for sling load operations. If the intention is to be employed by a helicopter company, a rating on the Airbus H125 is essential.

Typical area of use

  • Ideally suited for all types of sightseeing flights
  • Aerial work, such as sling load operations and flights at high altitudes
  • Heliskiing and taxi flights
  • Pilot training

Technical data

Power (max take-off) 972 HP
Power (Max continuous) 856 HP
Empty weight 1'290 kg
Payload 960 kg
Lifting capacity at sea level (external load) 1'200 kg

Arriel 2D

Max. Maximum speed 287 km/h
Range 600 km
Manufacturer Airbus