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The practical course in the classroom for the authorization for the aviation radio entry. Building on the basics of theory, the standard phraseology is deepened.

The English language is mainly used for radio messages in aviation. In order to be able to communicate correctly with air traffic control, an authorization for VFR communication ("voice") must be acquired. The practical training takes place in the classroom, where flights are simulated in order to become familiar with aeronautical radio procedures. The licence is issued after passing an exam which comprises a theoretical and a practical part (simulated flight). During this exam, the candidates must demonstrate that they have mastered the ICAO standard phraseology and are familiar with the applicable regulations and procedures. 

The theory of practical VFR communication is taught in subject 090 (VFR communication) and the associated theory exam must be completed with all other eight theory subjects at the FOCA.

If you can prove more than 100 flight hours in an English-speaking area, you will be credited for the radio telephony check for all license levels.

Mountainflyers regularly conduct courses on VFR communication ("voice course").


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