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Theory courses

All subjects in your pilot training are taught through our distance learning courses. We offer all license levels from LAPL to ATPL/IR.

We are one of the few independent flight schools that are approved by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) and the EASA. All helicopter license levels according to european and national guidelines are offered including theory courses. The license levels PPL(H), CPL(H) and ATPL(H) are offered as distance learning courses via our Distance Learning Platform. Information on supplementary courses such as VFR communication and the various basic courses can be found on the corresponding pages.

Theoretical training

To obtain a pilot's license, a theoretical examination according to the guidelines of the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA must be passed. Passing the theory examination is a prerequisite for admission to the practical examination. The theoretical training includes nine main subjects, which are divided into sub-subjects according to level. The subjects are divided into five "general" and four "heliski-specific" subjects. The general subjects contain the basic knowledge which is identical for any flying activity - whether it is a prospective helicopter pilot, a fixed wing aircraft pilot or a balloonist. The "helicopter-specific" subjects focus on the basics of the helicopter and deal with its particularities.


General subjects

10 Air law

40 Human performance & limitations

50 Meteorology

60 Navigation

90 VFR-Communikation

Helicopter-specific subjects

20 General aircraft knowledge

30 Flight planning & performance

70 Operational procedures

80 Principles of flight

Theory Exam

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) provides you with a maximum of six examination sessions in accordance with EASA requirements in order to pass all subjects. Each subject can be repeated a maximum of three times. We recommend that all subjects are spread over the first three sessions. This leaves three sessions for possible repetitions of subjects not passed.  At least 75% of the maximum number of points per subject must be achieved in the FOCA exam in order to pass the exam. The time taken to complete all theoretical subjects is a maximum of 18 months from the first examination session. From the last theory subject passed, practical training must be completed within 24 months at PPL level and within 36 months at CPL and ATPL levels. In order for us to register you for a FOCA examination, you must first take internal final tests for each subject. We use 80% of the maximum number of points to take into account any nervousness in the FOCA examination.

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