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Awareness SFAR73

Note May 2018: the awareness course according to SFAR73 is no longer obligatory for Robinson R22 pilots. The content of the awareness course is integrated into the ground course.

In the Awareness course, the peculiarities of a two-bladed rotor system are trained according to SFAR 73 (Special Federal Aviation Regulation No. 73 of the FAA). For pilots flying a helicopter with a two-bladed rotor system, this course is highly recommended. For Robinson R22 pilots the Awareness course is compulsory and must be completed before the first solo flight. The following topics are developed in class instruction:

• Energy Management
• Mast Bumping
• Low Rotor RPM / Blade Stable
• Low G hazards
• Rotor RPM decay

The Awareness course is a one-off course and is applicable to any helicopter with a two-bladed rotor system.

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