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Language Proficiency LPC

The Language Proficiency Check tests basic knowledge of the English language apart from funk phraseology.

Since 2005, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has used the so-called Language Proficiency Check LPC to verify basic English language skills for prospective and active pilots, to ensure that pilots can communicate in situations that are not exclusively standard VFR communication pedagogics can be described. To pass the Language Proficiency Check, level 4 to 6 must be at least level 4. If you do not have a valid Language Proficiency, you can fly only if no ATC (CTRs, TMAs, over FL100 / 130/150) and AFIS (Samedan) are claimed. 


In a radio telephony examination center (RTF center), an initial test must be taken. The prerequisite for registration is a successful radio telephony test (VFR communication) in English. For Language Proficiency Checks Level 5 and 6, there must already be an entry of the English Language Proficiency (at least Level 4) in the license. Excluded are candidates with English mother tongue - they can register directly for the higher exam.

On the website of the FOCA you will find an extensive exam preparation for the initial Language Proficiency Check LPC Level 4 and a manual (PDF) . Among other things, a complete Listening Comprehension can be downloaded. Also, a "Speaking Ability" session is documented by video. We recommend that candidates use these resources in their exam preparation.


The Language Proficiency Level 4 expires after 4 years. An extension is possible before the expiration (for seamless renewal from 12 months before expiry) and a renewal up to 3 years after the expiry of a Language Assessor. Renewal and renewal can be done through the so-called Recurrent Test (for the candidate, it does not matter if he makes an extension or a renewal, the test is the same). The Recurrent Test includes the following elements:

• A flight through airspace classes D and / or C, during which the Language Assessor rates the standard voice as well as Listening Comprehension. The recurrence test can be linked, for example, to a proficiency check.

• After the flight, a Speaking Ability Test follows, during which the candidate receives a photo and then answers some questions asked by the assessor (first some related to the picture, then some unrelated to the picture, but always aviation-related). The test takes 10-15 minutes.


If the Language Proficiency has expired for more than 3 years, you have to take another exam, which is identical in process and content to the Initial Exam. This possibility always exists instead of a recurrence test. Renewals for Level 5 will definitely require an exam similar to the Initial Exam.


In cooperation with Westbourne Academy, we offer language stays in England. For potential flight students whose knowledge of English level is low or at least not yet level 4, this is the optimal solution. There are three course variants:

• 2 weeks Individual private lesson with 28 lessons per week. Cost CHF 3'770.00

• 4 weeks combined course with 28 lessons per week plus 28 private lessons. Cost CH 3'020.00

• 12 weeks intensive course with 28 lessons per week. Cost CHF 4'980.00

The prices are valid for 2019. The price includes tuition, HB accommodation in single room with an English host family, enrollment fee.

Situationally, other course models can be booked. We will define the most suitable variant with each interested party. If the student pilots are flexible, we recommend anyway courses outside of the summer months. We are also happy to organize your round trip in cooperation with the Westbourne Academy.

Downloads (PDF): brochure Westbourne Academyregistration form


Renewal LPC

For language examinations the validity according to EASA is valid:

Level 4: 4 years (VFR and IFR)

Level 5: 6 years (VFR and IFR)

Level 6: currently unlimited

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