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ATPL Airline Transport Pilot

The ATP license is not obtained by taking an exam as it is done at the end of the PPL or CPL training. Practical ATPL training does not exist in this sense. Rather, the path to an ATP license consists of three elements:

1. Practical training analogous to CPL (H) plus IR (H) ,

2. ATPL-theory  

3. Gather a defined experience* within seven years.

Only when the defined hours are reached within seven years, the professional pilot receives the ATP license. Before, one speaks of a so-called "frozen ATPL". If the required number of hours is not reached within the seven-year period, the license entry is " CPL with ATPL Theory " and represents an advantage in the job market compared to a license holder with CPL theory.

*The ATP license is issued if the following conditions are met within seven years: completed 21 years of age, 1000 hours of flight experience including 350 hours on multi-crew helicopters and 100 hours of night flying experience and a completed practical IR training. The IR theory remains valid for three years after passing the theory test. Within this time, the practical IR training must be completed. Otherwise, the IR theory expires and the license status changes to an ATPL / VFR.

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