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PPL private pilot

The private pilot license PPL is the basis for any further license or extension.

The private pilot license PPL (H) is the actual basic training of the flying career (the level LAPL is located below with reduced requirements and permissions, but it is rarely chosen). The practical training as a private pilot can be started at any time and takes about 9 to 12 months on an extra occupational basis.

PRIVATe PILOT license Helicopter PPL(H)

A private pilot license entitles the holder to conduct private flights. The cornerstones of the training are terrain landings, navigation flights, emergency procedures, solo flight, solo navigation flights and alpine instruction.

Minimum age: the candidate must be at least 16 years old during the first solo flight during the training. The minimum age to be admitted to the practical test is 17 years.

Theory training: see also entry under theory.

•   Nine theory subjects divided into “general” and “helicopter-specific” subjects.

•   VFR Communication course ("Voice")

•   Ground course for the corresponding helicopter type

Practical training: minimum requirement 45 hours Rotor Turning Time (RTT) in the helicopter, of which:

•  approx. 7h Hover flight exercises, ascent and descent, take-offs and landings etc.

•  approx. 17.5 h Position flying, sloping landings, navigation, mountain instruction, off-road landings etc.

•  approx. 7.5h any emergency procedures, in particular autorotations, tail rotor failures, handling of warning lights, vortex, etc.

•  approx. 10 h of solo flights in the last third of the training, one of which is a "large solo navigation flight" (at least 180 km) with a full stop at another airfield

•  of which approx. 5 h exam preparation

•  FOCA skill test

Medical: Medical clarification with a medical officer (PDF) of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation FOCA. To obtain the private pilot license, a Medical Class 2 is required (as opposed to Medical Class 1 for the professional pilot license). The medical must be available before the first solo flight. However, we strongly recommend that you complete the medical course before you start training.


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