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LAPL Light Aircraft Pilot

The Light Aircraft Pilot License LAPL is a simplified introduction to flying.

The LAPL(H) license differs from the private pilot license PPL(H) in terms of rights. The LAPL(H) license entitles the holder to perform flights as Pilot In Command (PIC) with helicopters that do not exceed a permissible take-off mass of 2000 kg (e.g. Robinson R22, R44 and R66). A maximum of three passengers may be carried, this means that at no time more than four persons may be on board the helicopter. After completion of the Light Aircraft Pilot Licence LAPL, the licence can later be extended by further levels (e.g. private pilot licence PPL or commercial pilot licence CPL). For flights to other countries and flights from an airport with a control zone, a radiotelephony exam (incl. subject 090) and additionally the Language Proficiency Level 4 are required (as for the PPL training). The theoretical subjects are similar to the PPL(H) training.

Minimum age: The candidate must be at least 16 years old at the first solo flight during the training. The age for admission to the practical examination is 17 years.

Theory training: see chapter «Theory» (theory at PPL(H) level also applies to the LAPL license). In addition, the following classroom training course is offered:

•  Ground course for the corresponding type entry

Practical training: at least 40 h Rotor Turning Time (RTT) in a helicopter, of which

- approx. 20 h in basic attitude flying, approaches in different landing zones, emergency procedures, navigation

- approx. 10 h solo flights in the last third of the training, including a "big solo navigation flight" (at least 150 km distance) with a stopover at another airport

- approx. 5 h exam preparation

- FOCA examination

Medical: Medical examination by a medical officer of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA (AeMC Aeromedical Centers) for level LAPL. The medical must be available before the first solo flight. However, we strongly recommend that the medical is completed before the start of training. 

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