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Trial flight

Helicopter trial flight - your first helicopter flight beside your flight instructor at the dual controls.

Fly by yourself and take your first trial flight - you will be amazed. Often a trial flight is the first step towards a pilot's license. Here you have the opportunity to fly a helicopter yourself. The flight instructor at your side explains to you the peculiarities of the helicopter and takes off with you at the tandem controls.

After a theoretical introduction about helicopter technology and the most important controls of the helicopter, you and your flight instructor lift off. You can already "feel" with the controls. In the field, the instructor first hands you the pedals that are responsible for the rotation around the vertical axis. Then you also operate the Collective, which ensures climbing and sinking. Finally, fly the helicopter yourself when the flight instructor gives you control of the Cyclic, the joystick. Will you already master the hover?

Calculate a duration of about two hours including theoretical part. In a later training, the flight time can be fully credited.


In the region around Bern Airport.

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