Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd.
Flughafen / Hangar 7
CH-3123 Belp

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Flight school

Mountainflyers is an independent flight school with a full range of training including theory.

Since 1980, the Mountain Flyers flight school for pilot training has been at the highest level. Our motto: thorough, tailor-made training with a focus on the essentials. Mountainflyers are one of the few independent flight schools in Switzerland that can offer a complete training package.

You would like to become a professional pilot with additional permissions for external load, night flying and mountain rating as well as ratings for different helicopter types? In our flight school you can complete all these pilot trainings. Experienced flight instructors ensure that the goals set are achieved. The flight school offers theory courses up to the highest possible license level ATPL / IR (H).

On the following pages you will get to know our instructors and our base. We describe the way to the cockpit and explain why you are in good hands with us. If you like, you are welcome to drop by for a no-obligation consultation. We would be pleased to meet you and introduce you to the fascinating world of helicopter flying.

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