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How do I become a helicopter pilot?

To become a helicopter pilot - a dream of many people. We show the way from beginner to professional pilot including all requirements.

Pilot training is a fascinating and demanding education. It is also time consuming and expensive. In order not to be surprised by unexpected expenses and costs, it is advisable to be well informed initially. We are here to help. Our training documentation provides a precise overview. All requirements, costs and conditions are clearly presented. Other flight schools offer partially similar documents. Ask and collect information from various providers for a good overview. Write down your questions. Afterwards we recommend to visit personally at various flight schools. We always invite interested parties to a non-binding discussion on our base. As a student pilot you will spend a lot of time during the training on the basis of the flight school and with their flight instructors. Therefore, we think it is important to get to know each other personally and to clarify open questions during an informal talk.

If you are interested in pilot training, you may already have taken a trial flight. If not, you should definitely catch up. The flight time can be credited to the pilot training.

Here is a brief overview of the recommended steps to the pilot license. Further information on the individual courses can be found under pilot licenses.

1. Personal talks with flight schools

2. Trial flights

3. Medical

4. Register for theory course

5. Start practical flight training

6. VFR-Communication and Ground course helicopter type

7. FOCA exam

Depending on prior knowledge, ideas, type of training and available time the way into the cockpit varies. Training for a private pilot license may be undertaken differently than training for a commercial pilot license. Contact us for a non-binding consultation.

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Everything about Pilot training

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