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Flight training with Claude Vuichard

Flight training with HAI Safety Award Winner 2018 Claude Vuichard, inventor of the Vuichard Safety Techniques.

The practical part of the Vuichard Helicopter Safety Seminar. Pilots who have participated in the online or one-day Vuichard Safety Seminar will be given the opportunity to complete a flight training with Claude Vuichard himself. The main goal is therefore to visualize the Vuichard elements from the seminar in a helicopter. Participants in flight training receive a certificate from the Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation.

The training is conducted by our partner Leocopter Air Services in cooperation with the Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation (VRASF). The trainings are flown on mountain flyer helicopters from Berne Airport.

For more information on the flight training and the registration form, please visit the Leocopter Air Servies website.

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