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MOU FI-course 2000m

MOUntain Flight Instructor course 2000m (FI MOU(H) limited to 2000 m)

Mountainflyers have the authorization to train Mountain Flight Instructors, limited to 2000 m.a.s.l.
Those who have completed this FI extention are entitled to teach the first level of mountain training up to 2000 meters above sea level. Furthermore, this is also the first stage to acquire the altitude-unlimited mountain flight instructor license (FI MOU), which is currently only offered and carried out by FOCA.

Admission requirements

•  PPL/CPL/ATPL – license
•  FI(H)
•  MOU rating
•  min. 1000 h RTT total flight time on helicopters
•  min. 500 landings >1100 meters above sea level
•  min. 200 h FI

Course activity

The course is offered individually and can be completed intensively or in blocks. During this training, the future MOU instructor can benefit from the instructor's experience and apply it as an "instructor" as the class progresses. The instructor then simulates the student as part of the course.


•  approx. 5 h repetition MOU, additionally FI-MOU specific topics partly in parallel to practical training
•  Law (AuLaV, MOU-Landing Sites etc.)
•  Introduction to MOU Instruction
•  Flight Preparation
•  Checks / briefing
•  Emergency procedures
•  Risk assessment

Practical training

•  Min. 50 landings < 2000 m
•  Various MOU-specific exercises
•  Learnings are applied by candidate
•  Briefing / debriefing by the instructor, later by the candidate



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