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Flight Instructor FI

The course is structured according to the requirements of EASA-FCL and contains both a theoretical and a practical part. The theory covers a total of 125 hours.Of these, 25 hours are spent with a specialist in the "Teaching and Learning" course, where methodological/didactic areas are developed and concluded with various presentations. The practical part includes 32 different flight exercises according to EASA-FCL based on a PPL training. The main objective is to teach a student pilot the exact flying procedure with all checks and briefings "step by step". The practical training can be completed in blocks or intensively. The flight instructor training is mainly conducted on the proven Robinson R22 and R44. Other types are available on request.

Conditions of admission

- Extract from the Central Criminal Register
- EASA PPL(H) with CPL(H) theory or CPL(H) licence
- Valid Medical Class 1
- 250 h Total Time (RTT) on helicopter
- 100 h RTT as PIC 
- 10 h instrument flight, of which max. 5 h in the simulator
- 20 h VFR Cross Country
- Check flight (aptitude test) conducted by the Head of Training

No type rating is required for the helicopters used in the course.

Mountainflyers will guarantee a successful graduate the 100 h aspirant time depending on the order situation. The requirement is the recommendation of all teachers and examiners. Whoever wants to work as a flight instructor on the R22 must prove at least 50 h experience on the type (SFAR73). For the remaining helicopter types, 15 hours per type must be available according to EASA.




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