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External load HESLO

Helicopter External Sling Load Operations (HESLO)

External load training (HESLO) is a prerequisite for a job as a transport pilot. Mountainflyers offer the training with flight instructors who have a long-term transport experience. The training on Robinson R44 is offered at an unbeatable price and can be completed within a week. Other helicopter types on request.


• CPL(H) / ATPL(H)

• min. 300 hours as pilot in Command PIC

• Type rating completed

• min. 10 hours PIC on the respective helicopter type

• HESLO theory completed

The package includes

• All theory and use of materials and infrastructure

• 10 h flight time FT Robinson R44 | 100 rotations 10 m | 80 rotations 20 m

• Flights with Mirror and Vertical Reference with the following loads:

• Concrete bucket, tree trunk, pallet, net, big bag

• Assisted by two flight assistants



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