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External load HESLO

Helicopter External Sling Load Operations (HESLO 1)

The External load training (HESLO) is a prerequisite for a job as a transport pilot. Mountainflyers offers the training with flight instructors who have many years of transport experience. The training with the Robinson R44 is offered at an unbeatable low price and can be completed within two days. The HESLO 1 training can of course also be completed on other helicopter types.


• CPL(H) / ATPL(H)

• at least 300 hours as pilot in Command PIC

• Type rating completed

• at least 10 hours PIC on the respective helicopter type

• HESLO theory completed


The package includes

• All theory and use of materials and infrastructure

• 5 h flight time FT Robinson R44 | 50 rotations ≤ 20 m

• Flights with mirror and Vertical Reference with the following loads: concrete bucket, tree trunk, pallet, net, big bag

• assisted by two flight assistants



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