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Mountain rating MOU

Mountain training MOU is the most challenging and beautiful training in helicopter flying. Mountain flying poses a particular challenge for helicopter pilots. Flight tactics, variable weather conditions, early detection of the helicopter's power limit, altitude effects on the pilots, emergency procedures at altitude - these points and much more are taught by experienced flight instructors. Mountain training is only offered so comprehensively in Switzerland. The MOU license entry is unique worldwide and testifies to a well-founded advanced training. For a professional pilot in Switzerland the MOU entry is indispensable. After completing the training, the pilot is entitled to make landings at any altitude during work flights and on tourist flights such as heliskiing to fly to all mountain landing sites in Switzerland.

Prerequisite: 100 hours experience on helicopters at the practical MOU test

Training contents::

•  Theory: 5 to 10 hours
•  At least 50 landings <2000 m above sea level
•  At least 150 landings on 20 different official mountain landing sites, of which at least 10 different sites and 50 landings > 2700 m above sea level
•  FOCA exam
•  Expenditure: approx. 25 to 30 flight hours



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