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Type Rating TRS & TRM

In order to fly a certain type of helicopter, a retraining - a so-called type rating - must be completed. Mountainflyers offer type ratings on the following types of helicopters: Robinson R22 Beta II, Robinson R44 Raven II, Robinson R66 Turbine, Bell 505 Jet-Ranger X, Airbus Helicopters AS350 B2, Airbus Helicopters H125, Leonardo AW109 SP. Prerequisite is a valid PPL (H), CPL (H) or ATPL (H).

The Bell 505 Jet-Ranger X is the new flagship of the Mountainflyers. For this reason we offer attractive retraining packages. More Information here


Ground course for the corresponding type of helicopter (the ground course is valid for 6 months, within this period the type rating training must be completed)

Awareness course (for all Robinson types; if not already completed)

Practical training

7 h to 15 h Rotor Turning Time RTT in the helicopter (depending on the complexity of the system) of which:

• Basic maneuvers, approaches in the terrain, emergency procedures

• full-load flight

• flight at high altitude

• exam preparation

• FOCA exam

The exact requirements vary depending on the type of helicopter. More information and prices can be found in our training materials. Most of our fleet's helicopters are available for charter.



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