Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd.
Flughafen / Hangar 7
CH-3123 Belp

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Helicopter & Meringues / Napf and Schrattenfluh

Helicopter flight into the Emmental with a landing at the Kemmeriboden-Bad restaurant near Schangnau with its exquisite menu and famous meringues.

Striking hills, lovely valleys - the Emmental promises fantastic moments. Discover one of the most beautiful and unique regions of Switzerland where rural tradition is still alive. To top it off, eat a heavenly meringue in the Kemmeriboden-Bad restaurant. The helicopter tour leads to Hasle, past the castle Trachselwald and the beautiful Wasen im Emmental. Continue on lush green meadows to Luederenalp. From there direction Napf to Trub, via Marbach to Schrattenfluh and down to the restaurant Kemmeriboden-Bad. In the restaurant you can enjoy the world-famous Meringues (or whatever you like the most from the attractive menu of the house) during a stopover. After the stopover you fly along the mountain range "seven stallions" over the Sichel, past the Niederhorn over Thun and back to the base at the Bern airport.


Gesamtzeit 120 min
Flugzeit 45 min
Price per seat