Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd.
Flughafen / Hangar 7
CH-3123 Belp

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Rent a helicopter

Mountainflyers rents helicopters to licensed helicopter pilots. The following types of helicopters are available for charter:

Requirements for chartering / renting the helicopter of Mountainflyers are a valid pilot license, a current medical, a rating for the respective type of helicopter and a check flight with a mountain flyer instructor.

The required flying experience varies depending on the type of helicopter.


Robinson R22

Valid type rating



Robinson R44

Valid type rating


Bell 505 Jet-Ranger X

Valid Type Rating

60 TT on helicopter

10h turbine

No minimum requirements if the PPL training has been completed on the Bell 505.






Airbus H125

Valid type rating

200h TT on helicopter

50h turbine

10h on type

No minimum requirements if PPL training has been completed on the Airbus H125.