Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd.
Flughafen / Hangar 7
CH-3123 Belp

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→ Airbus H125

Number: 1 | Location: Base Bern | Registration: HB-ZNL


The "squirrel" family was created in the 70s by the French manufacturer Aerospatiale (later Eurocopter, now Airbus Helicopters) and still enjoys great popularity today. The helicopters are used worldwide for a variety of missions and show their strengths in difficult tasks in the high mountains. To date, the "squirrel" is the only helicopter ever to land on the summit of Mount Everest. The variant H125 (formerly AS350 B3e) is the newest and strongest of the model series. At Mountainflyers, the helicopter, which offers space for five passengers next to the pilot, is used for scenic and taxi flights, film flights and pilot training.

Technical data

813 hp

287 km/h

1 piece

Emtpy weight 1'290 kg
Load 960 kg
Turbine Arriel 2D
Range 600 km
Manufacturer Airbus
Operational area
  • Ideal for any sightseeing flight
  • Working flights / transport flights at great altitudes
  • Heliskiing and Taxi flights


  • Powerful helicopter
  • BOSE headphones with noise reduction
  • Glacier landings up to 4'100 m.a.s.l.
  • Ski bucket


  • A bench seat in the back, no single seats.
  • Limited shoulder room
  • Limited luggage space