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CH-3123 Belp

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New Bell 505 Helicopter

The Mountainflyers make a fleet change and become the largest Bell 505 operator in Europe.
We are looking forward to the upcoming fleet integration with countless, unforgettable flights.

We spent a long time thinking about the fleet change and decided to replace the EC120 in Grenchen and the R66 in Bern-Belp with two Bell 505s. Our aim is to adapt the fleet in such a way that technical progress and economic efficiency, but all the requirements of our customers and flight students, are taken into account.

The EC120 era will come to an end sooner or later. This helicopter will no longer be produced since October 2017. Accordingly, the procurement of spare parts has become increasingly difficult and expensive. In addition, the purchase of two identical Light Single Engine Turbine Helicopters will allow us to unify our training and sightseeing flight offerings on both bases in terms of price and comfort.

The Bell 505 has met all the requirements of our operation after intensive testing. Due to its adaptability to a wide range of flying environments, the Bell 505 can be used in a wide variety of tasks.

The fully electronic turbine control system FADEC automatically starts the turbine, and is only monitored by the pilot. This facilitates the turbine start-up procedure and minimizes the risk of turbine overheating massively.

The generous view makes a major contribution to safety and gives customers an even more fascinating all-round view. In addition, the spacious cab offers five comfortable seats, which is a major advantage over the R66. The stable flight characteristics also contribute to even better flight conditions for pilot and passenger.

Equipped with the latest avionics and glass cockpit, the Bell 505 is the ideal combination of versatility, consistent performance and low operating costs. The latest technology and the resulting reduced fuel consumption contribute to a more environmentally friendly pilot training.

The delivery dates are as follows:

Grenchen Februar 2020 Bell 505 Jet-Ranger X HB-ZWC
Basis Grenchen März 2020 Bell 505 Jet-Ranger X HB-ZWE
Basis Bern Belp Juni 2020 Bell 505 Jet-Ranger X HB-ZWF


We are very pleased that our long-standing partner Centaurium Avation is now one of the Bell Independent Representatives and that we will be able to use not only the two company-owned aircraft, but also the Bell 505 from Centaurium Aviation, from February. With the commissioning of three Bell 505, we will become the largest Bell 505 operator in Europe.

We will continue to maintain our Robinson fleet and there will be three Robinson R22 and one Robinson R44 available for basic training and chartering.

In the Single Engine Turbine segment, in addition to the two Bell 505s, an Airbus AS350B2 and an Airbus H125 will continue to be in service.

We are looking forward to the upcoming fleet integration with countless, unforgettable flights!

Christoph Graf

CEO Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd