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CH-3123 Belp

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Reporting Form Safety

This internal reporting system offers the possibility to report incidents, events, observations or suggestions for improvement (also anonymously). It may not be misused to make complaints or other comments. The aim of this reporting system is to identify and eliminate hazards and safety risks as early as possible before they can lead to an incident or accident. An incident in flight operations must be reported within 72 hours. The reports can also be submitted directly to the FOCA via the EU portal (please send us a copy).

If an accident or serious incident occurs, the Mountainflyers' "Emergency Response Plan" comes into force. In such a case, the secretariat of the Mountainflyers must be informed immediately. Via the alarm center of REGA (Tel. 1414) the accident/ serious incident must be reported to the SUST-AV. Definition: Aircraft accident, serious incident.

You find the incidents to be reported here.