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Flughafen / Hangar 7
CH-3123 Belp

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Helicopter flight - an unforgettable experience

The largest range of helicopter flights in Switzerland - put together by experts with more than 35 years of experience.

Our bases at Bern Airport and Grenchen Airport lie in the middle of a helicopter wonderland between the Alps, Emmental, Seeland and Jura. No other region in the world combines so many wonderful landscapes in such a small space. Experience the beauty of the region from the air with an unforgettable helicopter flight.


Popular flights

Flight over the Bernese Alps

Helicopter flight to the highest peaks in the Bernese Alps and over the Jungfraujoch to the Aletsch glacier with a stopover at a restaurant in the Thunersee region. See world-famous tourist destinations and legendary peaks from bird's eye views on our alpine flight. The alpine flight to the Bernese 4,000s takes you into the spectacular landscapes in eternal ice.

Gesamtzeit 150 min
Flugzeit 60 min
CHF 453.–
per seat

Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau Alpine Flight

Helicopter flight in the Bernese Alps to Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. The helicopter flies you close to the Eiger North Face on this alpine flight and past the Jungfraujoch with its impressive Sphinx. A classic among our scenic flights and a highlight every time!

Gesamtzeit 60 min
Flugzeit 45 min
CHF 343.–
per seat

Flight from Interlaken

The Helicopter flies you close to the Eiger North Face on this alpine flight and past the Jungfraujoch with its impressive Sphinx. Optional we will land with you at the Jungfrauhoch or on the glacier at 10`000 ft and serve you a glass of champagne in front of a grandiose alpine backdrop. A classic among our scenic flights and a highlight every time – for the whole family.

Gesamtzeit open
Flugzeit open
CHF 360.–
per seat

Mutthorn hut

A special kind of helicopter flight with stopover on the Kanderfirn mountain landing site near the Mutthorn hut of the SAC. On the way to the Mutthorn hut, the helicopter flies you over regions of the Bernese Alps that you may not yet know. As the highlight of the helicopter flight you will stop at the SAC hut at 2'900 meters above sea level, where you will be welcomed by the host family with traditional specialties.

Daily from June to September.

Important: The path to the hut is rocky and icy. Good footwear is necessary.

Gesamtzeit 150 min
Flugzeit 50 min
CHF 380.–
per seat

Sightseeing with Santa

Take off and experience the city of Bern from above with the coolest Santa Claus. On 6 December 2019, you can find out whether you are getting nuts or a rod from us at Hangar 7 in Bern-Belp.
Register now and secure a single seat for this special experience. The departures are as follows:

Gesamtzeit 45 min
Flugzeit 15 min
CHF 140.–
per seat

Trial flight

Fly yourself - under the supervision of your flight instructor you take over the helm yourself as a pilot. Before starting, you will receive a theoretical introduction and learn basic behaviors around the helicopter. Then you take off with the flight instructor at the dual controls beside you to your trial flight. The flight instructor gives you more and more control over the helicopter during the flight. You can practice various maneuvers such as landings and hovering. The coordination of all control elements is a big challenge. Can you hold the helicopter in place while hovering? Try it - a trial flight is an intense experience!

Gesamtzeit open
Flugzeit open
CHF 390.–
per seat

Lake Thun sightseeing

Helicopter flight with views of Lake Thun, Niesen and Lake Brienz and spectacular views of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. From Bern airport you fly via Thun and Lake Thun via Niesen to Interlaken. The Lake Thun sightseeing flight takes you back to Bern via Beatenberg, Sigriswil and Oberhofen. Alternatively, the helicopter will fly you back via Justistal and Emmental.

Gesamtzeit 50 min
Flugzeit 30 min
CHF 235.–
per seat

Weissenstein & Chasseral - from Grenchen

Enjoy the fantastic view of the Jura chain and Lake Biel. You fly from Grenchen airport via the town of Biel in the direction of Chasseral, then via Orvin to Weissenstein and fnally back to Grenchen.

Gesamtzeit 40 min
Flugzeit 20 min
CHF 171.–
per seat

VIP- and taxi flights

The luxurious helicopter will get you to your destination quickly, safely and discreetly. The versatility of a helicopter allows you to customize each taxi flight to your individual requirements. You get great flexibility and complete control over your time. The Mountainflyers taxi fleet covers all requirements. We are there for you seven days a week.

VIP- & taxi flights

Pilot training

Since 1980, Mountainflyers have stood for pilot training at the highest level. Our motto: thorough tailor-made training with a focus on the essentials. Mountain Flyers are one of the few independent flight schools in Switzerland that can offer a complete training package including theory up to the highest level ATPL / IR. 

Our training offer

Heli-West AG

Heli-West AG operated by Mountainflyers. We are pleased to be able to expand our range of services and strengthen our presence in the Swiss Mittelland. Grenchen Airport offers an ideal infrastructure for training and is an attractive starting point for sightseeing flights in the Jura and over the Seeland.  

Info Heli-West AG