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Private Pilot PPL

With the private pilot license, you acquire the ability and the competencs to conduct non-commercial helicopter flights. The training consists of a theoretical and a practical part. Information about the theory you find here, for information about the practical training, see below. At the iTunes Store you can purchase the Mountainflyers Question Collection PPL(H) in German.

Practical Training - PPL(H)

The minimum age at the start of training is 16 years (with the consent of the legal representative). The practical training can be started any time and lasts approximately 9-12 months part-time. According to EASA-FCL at least 45 hours of Rotor Turning Time RTT are required to obtain the PPL (H) license, of which at least 10 hours shall be solo flight. Before the first solo flight a Medical Class 2 must be obtained. However, we recommend that you obtain this prior to the course. The list of authorised docotrs ("Verzeichnis der Vertrauensärzte") can be found below.


Basic Points of Training
- Basic Training up to autonomous hover flight - Training Circuits in Terrain
- Emergency Procedures - Solo Flight
- Solo Navigational Flights - Alps Briefing
- VFR-Communickations (Voice-Course) - Language Proficiency Check


If you would like further information on training including cost, you can order our information on training or call us on 031 819 60 30. We are pleased about every call.


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